Chasing Craters.

Ever felt like your life had missing pieces? Gaps that keep coming in and out? Questions that needed answers. You may wonder why or what they were... why they exist? Are there good? Are they bad? What could fill them? ..

Introspection is good because it gets you to get out, wander and find answers. 

And off course during my time in California, I had to go wander...and go find my own answers. I had some questions for the big Guy upstairs.  

I heard there was a crater close to me, well...sortof. 

En route to Crater Lake, Oregon. 

En route to Crater Lake, Oregon. 

Mt. Shasta, CA

Mt. Shasta, CA

It was a 4 hour drive. 

On the way i pondered what the Creator's intent was in giving us this desire to search for answers.. You know sometimes this "quest" can be mistaken for "missing" something in your life. Misjudged for being "lost", but truth seldom is.  

What i do know is that it definitely gets you moving out of this stagnant place you may be in and go towards the place where you may find more of yourself. If you feel curious enough, it motivates you to get out and go on this journey to find answers to the deepest questions in your heart.

and here I was standing almost 8000 feet high on the rim of the crater, at Crater Lake National Park. This is a mountain that blew up in a volcanic eruption hundreds of thousands of years ago and the "sinkhole" created this magnificent lake, which is the deepest lake(almost 2000ft at its deepest point) in the United States of America. (Seventh deepest lake in the World).

It was amazing to experience beauty that was created from something that left a huge gaping hole in the earth. 

Never ignore your thirst to search for truth. Though it may take you on journeys, you always end up finding beauty. 

Crater Lake National Park, Oregon

Crater Lake National Park, Oregon

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