It has been almost a year since I have moved from California to New York. Since I have been here, I have moved apartments 5 times and accomplished a significant amount of progress at work. Things haven't always been easy, and every step of the way there were obstacles and hurdles to overcome. I would be lying if i said i haven't felt restless from time to time about moving to the next "big thing" because my idea of where I would have been, looking back a year from now was different from the reality of my present. 

Have you ever felt that a million different things are trying to get your attention all at the same time??  It could be motivated by things not happening as you have hoped for at work, or personal life...It could sometimes simply be your own goals, and how frustrating and discouraging it can be when the reality of life's timeline doesn't align with yours.   

This was one of those days when I felt restless, but encouraged to stay the course and and keep moving. I got up that Friday morning, decided to go on a drive and revaluate my priorities. What's important and what wasn't. What was worth my time and what I had to cease investing into.  

I chose Letchworth State Park in New York as my destination and set off.

On the journey I learned that in order to regain clarity on my purpose and focus in on the grand purpose of my journey, i had to "declutter" all the things that were fighting for my attention and remove all the things that were non-essential. 


I understood that in order to focus on a strategy to achieve my goals, I had to take a good look at all the things I was doing, cut out the non-essential things and keep only the essential.

The other BIG thing i learned is that, your purpose is not defined to anything but YOU. It is not defined by place, a job, a people group... or anything else. When you find your purpose, what you are designed to do with your life, it forever lives within you. Usually it's when you truly pause, reflect and invest into yourself that you hear and see this reality. When you steady the heart and listen, you will always hear the voice of your purpose.  

You will be able to see road you've journeyed and reset the course for where you need to be headed. 

and when you get there.... it will be glorious! and the pains of the journey will all make sense.  

Middle Falls - Letchworth State Park, New York

Middle Falls - Letchworth State Park, New York

Mithun Abraham

A New York based Artist and Filmmaker.